1. myjapanyourjapan:

    Shimanoura island

    Population 1000. Fishing village.

    I saw Mola !!!! Wow!!!!!
    I realize ….I live in great place….

    This is not resort island. Fisher men island.

    Miyazaki, Japan

  2. myjapanyourjapan:

    Udo jinja at night

    Around shrine, there are no buildings, no lights.
    Shinto shrine is one of the best place for sky watching.

    I took some photos of moon with iphone & field glasses (just 3000yen. It’s like a toy).
    The quality of photo was good more than I expect!!!

  3. christianweidner:

    Christian Weidner, Two shots, 2014, Oil / Gold lacquer on canvas, 56 x 39 cm

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  4. Alan Herbert
    Alan Herbert
    Alan Herbert


    Alan Herbert

    Medium Format

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  5. maya47000:

    Blue boat by Brian Denton

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